Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sample it, Loop it, F ck it, Delete it - an exhibition of contemporary art

This is an exhibition I'm involved in for one night only. It'll be in the same building that my studio is located in (the rear of 55 Great Tindall St Birmingham), and is a space with a recent history as intriguing as the Victorian building as a whole. This particular space, now run as a new artist-run studio and exhibition space in B'ham by artist Chris Clinton and curator Sonya Russell-Saunders (newly known as The Wig), was just discarded by a group using it as a kind of knocking shop come gentlemans club. Much of the evidence of the space's activities were left behind after the previous tenants disappeared in serious arrears, with a make-shift bar, pub furniture, stage with pole and separate room including discarded clothes and wheelchair.  

On Friday 12th August 2011, (assuming the Birmingham riots calm down by then), Sample it, Loop it, Fuck it, Delete it will be an exhibition of recent works by guest artists: Michael Bold, Jeanette Deen, and Emma little to join with Chris and Sonya in an exploration of the space and its recent history, making work in response to the artifacts and props that were inherited with the space. 

More info?.... : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=173250596076573

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