Thursday, 28 January 2010

'A House is a Machine for Living In'...?

Hello again. This new post reveals the most up to date, (hot off the press!), images of my studio practice. These pieces have been made from materials related to architecture and interior design, such as greyboard; often utilised by architects to make models of forthcoming developments, and carpet tiles ubiquitous to most office blocks and other institutions within the U.K. and around the world. I am yet to decide on titles for these pieces, but I will update this information as soon as I come to a decision.

The first images; these cuboid-esque, hollow constructions, fixed together with brackets, nuts and bolts, have been made with the architects model in mind. However the use of carpet tiles to represent tower-blocks is the first  break from conventional model-making. This both corporate and domestic material alludes to the interior space of a tenement, yet now makes up the exterior facade of these forms.

The second piece; a row of simple balcony-like structures made from greyboard material and double-sided tape are attached to the wall in an orderly and rational manner. They are bonded to this blank wall space  with merely double-sided tape, and therefore have over time  become slowly detached.This is an expression of entropy manifested within the plan or the idea.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

My Very First...

Hello and welcome to my first Blog. This is a page that I will be using as my first point of call if you like, for the public exposure of my artwork and research.
I am currently studying for my Masters of Fine Art at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, (2009-2010) after spending two years as an artist outside of art education. My Bachelor of Arts was completed at The University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2007.

My work is predominantly object/installation based, and as revealed in the following images, I have explored a number of sculptural processes as part of my practice. Sticky Heel (2008) has been cast in silicone bronze using the Lost Wax casting method, whereas Feature (2007), a fabricated image of a woman and sculptural object, was exhibited as a photographic work.

My concerns at the time, as these typical examples of early work (trustingly) carry, were tied up with the Western world's perceptions of the ideal image of female sexuality. To explore this subject artistically, I decided to focus on those female adornments designed as buttress's for the enhancement of female attributes.

Some of these works remove elegance from the original props, replacing this instead with abberant, sometimes grotesque and ambiguous forms that are both reminicent and antithesis of their originals, emitting at times a sense of the uncanny.

More recent work will be posted shortly, along with a description that identifies the ensuing links and developments.

My Very First...


Sticky Heel, 2008 (Silicone Bronze cast)

   Femme Bateau, 2009
 (Laminated Wood, Fabric)




Feature, 2007 (Digital Print)